the black-necked stilt

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In an effort to get my creativity back after a long draught, I thought I would let birds inspire me.

I just love this little bird.

I love the contrast of colours.

I love creating little things that make my space beautiful.

I hope you know that everybody is creative. It is hard sometimes to look overtop of the clouds of doubt to see the sunshine. I know from my own experience, that it is sometimes less painful to stop being creative altogether.  And block out the feelings of inadequacy  that comes with failed attempts and learning.

But I also know that if you don’t push to create something you won’t feel happy.


At least, that’s how I am.




playing by the lakeshore




My life is definitely not perfect, but there are days that are perfect.

Taking Minnie to the mountains, teaching her how to throw rocks in the water, showing her how the water splashes and ripples; how could that not be perfect?

I’ve always believed God loves me because He has made little phenomenons in nature beautiful. Rippling water, fluffy clouds, the deep hues simple rocks turn when they are at the bottom of a crystal mountain lake. He could have made these things boring, flat, and grey but he made every little thing in nature intricate and special.

xx Lys

picnic blankets and sunshine

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Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

I have been waiting a long time to be able to get out of the house with the baby, a blanket, and some books. I’m not much of a reader but there is something about taking the time to read in a quaint and happy setting.

It was 30 degrees outside and so we had to get out and enjoy it. I lathered us both in sunscreen and grabbed the few essentials we needed. We found a nice patch of shade under a tree and called it home for almost two blissful hours.

I played with Minnie and read my book, The Little Book of Lykke by Meik Wiking. I am hoping to write a post about a couple of his books in the future but for now I will just say that they are an amazing addition to my bookshelf.

Minnie played with her toys, watched the kids on the playground, and ate Cheerios. I helped her practice standing up and taking steps and we sang some songs. I showed her how the grass tickles her feet and I pushed her on the swing.

In those two hours I thought to myself over and over again, ‘this is what I live for. I could do this all day every day for the rest of my life and be so happy.’

I also thought about how there are so many things in life that I believe will bring me more happiness but ultimately, it is the very small things that really do. The small things like sitting under a tree and playing with my baby girl on a beautiful day.

Don’t misunderstand this blog by thinking that every hour of every day is like this post. This morning, Minnie refused her nap altogether and it left me frustrated. My husband is really busy studying most days and it sometimes leaves me feeling alone and bogged down with less inspiring thoughts. The reason I write on this blog is to cultivate more happiness in my life. When I write a post, I feel grateful and often my attitude about my frustrations or worries change.

Here’s to hoping Minnie will nap this afternoon and we can go out and enjoy today’s rainy weather!

xx Lys

boardwalks through the forest




When I come across a boardwalk, especially in a lush rainy forest, there is nothing that can keep me from walking them. Everything about them is magical. The hollow wooden sound they make under your footsteps, their rich colour when they are wet with rain, and the way they wind through beautiful trees and little streams is unmatched. This is one manmade structure that adds to the beauty of a Canadian forest.